2017 Winners

From Kailey: I am sixteen-years old and live in Loveland. I attend Berthoud High School and I love math, science, and English and I am participating in the S.T.E.M. program in hopes to go into engineering. I adore writing and I try to write whenever I am not playing volleyball. I have been playing club volleyball ever since I was eleven years old and I am now playing for the NORCO Volleyball Club and it has been an amazing experience. Outside of volleyball, I enjoy participating in Track and Field, throwing the shotput and discus. I hope to continue to work hard to learn and grow in my journey through life, school career, and volleyball career.

June Spotlight - Kailey Berry

Gift Spotlight

Micha Bennett - Ice Hockey
Cassidy Berry - Volleyball
Kailey Berry - Volleyball
Taylor Couch - Fast Pitch Softball
Ivett Dominguez - Volleyball
Natalie Feist - Fast Pitch Softball
Lesley Garcia - Volleyball
Persaeus Gomez - Wrestling
Rylee Geiman - Volleyball
Shea Grogan - Rodeo
Olivia Lamb - Fast Pitch Softball
Hana Mawlawi - Fast Pitch Softball
Jessa Meganhardt - Volleyball
Kennedy Morgan - Runner
Grace Philop - Fast Pitch Softball
Savannah Rafkin - Fast Pitch Softball
Sarah Reega - Dressage
Kiley Smith - Ice Hockey
Megan Stackhouse - Soccer
Shaley Toureene - Fast Pitch Softball
Adalyn Vergara - Soccer
Stefania Villa - Volleyball


  • 16-year old attending Berthoud High school. She loves all subjects in school, but especially writing. 
  • Participated in the STEM program and wants to be an engineer.
  • Started playing volleyball at age 11.
  • Currently plays volleyball for NORCO.

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