CWSFA is excited to have the opportunity to award yearly opportunity gifts to girls and women pursuing their sports dreams! 

These gifts are designed to encourage athletic participation in all sports and to help girls and women achieve “the next level” in their sport. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in any academic school or institution. The gifts are open to females of any age and for any sport.

A BIG THANKS goes to our sponsors and donors whose financial support makes these scholarships a reality.

CWSFA awarded $10,500 Opportunity Gifts  to 21 deserving females in our local community.  Gifts were presented at our 4th Annual Awards Banquet on January 28th, 2018..

A full list appears at right.  Watch our bimonthly opportunity gift winner spotlights to learn more about how CWSFA has helped these athletes reach their athletic and personal goals.

2018 Winners


Alison Artzberger - Soccer

Kendall Baker - Softball

Christy Cheung - Ultimate Frisbee

Elise Cranmer - Ultimate Frisbee

Jade Gosar - Soccer

Madison Hand - Soccer

Tianna Harper - Softball

Savannah James - Fastpitch

Audra Koopman - Track & Field

Michaela Kriewell - Volleyball

Mariah Lopez - Softball

Maralgua Mijiddorj - Volleyball

Sydney Mong - Swimming

Lauren Olsen - Volleyball

Maria Ostapovich - Softball

Sarah Reega - Equestrian

Grace "Ali" Scheil - Volleyball

Melanie Schwartz - Para-Alpine Skiing  

Shannon Seale - Softball

Samantha Smith - Volleyball

Jenna Stephenson - Volleyball

Scout Sutton - Rowing

Francesca Tait - Figure Skating

Gabrielle Talbot - Figure Skating

Cacey Vigil - Soccer

Devynn Weingart - Lacrosse

These gifts are designed to encourage athletic participation in all sports and to help women and girls achieve “the next level” in their sport. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in any academic school or institution. The gifts are open to females of any age and for any sport.

Help us, help female athletes - Donate to the Opportunity Gift Fund.  Every little bit helps! 

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2009         Slideshow

Katelyn Aberle - Softball
Lauren Aberle - Softball
Jordan Connolly - Basketball
Monica Franco - Swimming
Kelsey Henning - Basketball & Softball
Brandie Jay - Gymnastics
Jaime Kreikemeier - Volleyball
Britta Mathlowetz - Figure skating
Lindsay Miller - Volleyball
Chelsey O'Connor - Softball
Sharon Raham -Track & field
Raychl Reger - Field hockey
Kayla Rhoads - Soccer
Renna Roberson - Volleyball
Megan Rowlett - Softball
Rebecca Sorensen - Skeleton
Jessie Stewart - Soccer
Makayla Stieb - Volleyball
Sydney Teslow - Soccer

2012          Slideshow

Katelyn Aberle - Softball
Christine Anderson - Softball
Lyndsey Babcock - Softball
Alexis Bergmann - Gymnastics
Caylee Boman - Volleyball
Mikaela Cherry - Synchro. Swimming
Candance Cook - Volleyball
Olivia Damge - Softball
Katie Deaguero - Softball
Haylee Fleck - Softball
Eleanor Gipson - Track
Jasmine Hampton - Softball
Amanda Henchenski - Softball
Lily Hetherington - Softball
Mitzi Johnson - Tennis
Mariah Lopez - Softball
Taylor Mitchell - Volleyball
Isabella Pethy - Basketball
Natasha Quintana - Softball
Isabel Ross - Soccer
Hannah Sendel - Softball
Olivia Seng - Volleyball
Megan Tatusko - Track
Korbin Ukasick - Basketball
Cacey Vigil - Soccer
Madison Williams - Soccer

2011          Slideshow

Nola Basey - Volleyball
Matilyn Boling- Basketball & Track
Morgan Booth - Softball
Mikayla Duffy - Softball
Chelsea Glanzer - Soccer
Amanda Gunlikson - Volleyball
Rikki Huston -Volleyball
Bethany Koschel - Volleyball
Annie Layden - Softball
Julia Leonard - Track
Brooks McVicker - Softball
Lauren Olsen - Volleyball
Ashly Jo Rahill -Volleyball
Megan Rhead -Softball
Katie Ronen - Volleyball
Alysia Schultz - Softball
Allie Stubbs - Soccer & Basketball
Jaicy Sutak - Softball
Caitlin Tuffs - Softball
Harleigh Young - Gymnastics

2010         Slideshow

Katelyn Aberle
Kalyn Augustino
Sarah Bott
Crystal Chavez
Mackenzie Eubank
Ashleigh Falietto
Quinn Faucett
Madison Featherston
Danielle Hart
Digby Kalert
Jessy Knaus
Kristeena Kropp
Brenda Lewis
Lindy McDaniel
Ariana Olson
Rachel Pennington
Karissa Reeder
Kellina Stamm
Brianna Van Sickle
Harleigh Young

Application Process

About the Gifts​

Over the past 9 years, the Colorado Women’s Sports Fund Association has awarded more than 249 gifts to girls and women participating in sports, totaling $124,500. We strive to grow our gift program opportunities every year. We are proud to support those dedicated to the pursuit of sport and the positive influence it can have in their lives.


Madelyn (Maddi) Bollig - Basketball
Sarah Reega - Equestrian
Raychl Reger - Field Hockey

Alexis Bergmann - Gymnastics
Abigail (Abby) Evans - Gymnastics
Korinne Klingelsmith - Ice Hockey
Danielle Odelson - ice hockey
Kayla Fertman - Lacrosse
Maddie Garcia - Lacrosse  
Remi Clarke - Soccer
Kasey Dietrich - Soccer
Riley Dietrich - Soccer
Kylie Harger - Soccer

Kambree Hill - Soccer
Madison Stewart - Soccer
Cacey Vigil - Soccer
Ashley Evans - Soccer and Basketball
Shaley Anderson - Softball
Kayla Boyd - Softball
Lindsey Harper - Softball
Savannah James - Softball

Kaybren Quattlebaum - Softball
Larissa Royer - Softball
Shannon Seale - Softball
Madalyn Gudenkauf - Softball
Quinn Fawcett - Swimming
Kate Wall - Swimming
Rachel Minor - Synch. Swimming
Skylar Boyce - Volleyball
Emily Dellenbach - Volleyball

2018 Winners 

CWSFA Opportunity Gifts 


Kailey Berry - Volleyball

​Charlee Boman - Soccer

​Madison DeQuasie - Softball

​Morgan Friesen - Swimming

Araceli Gallardo - Softball
Tianna Harper - Softball

Savannah James - Fastpitch

​Mariah Lopez - Fastpitch

​Julie McDermott - ​Equestrian 

Brooks McVicker - Softball

​Erin Meighen - Volleyball

Maria Ostopovich - Softball

Savannah Rafkin - Softball

Sarah Reega - Equestrian

Ellen Reintsma - Synchronized Swimming

​Ryleigh Seale - Softball

Catie Semadeni - Volleyball

Scout Sutton - Rowing

Bailey Templeman - Volleyball

Shailey Toureene - Fastpitch

Nicole Towner - Softball

Lilly VerHow - Volleyball​​​​​​​​​​       

Opportunity Gifts

Colorado Women's Sports Fund Association


Previous Opportunity Gift Recipients 

A list of our 2018 Opportunity Gift Winners is coming soon! ​

The 2018 Application period is now closed.

Good luck to all the girls and women who applied this year! Applications are being reviewed and we will notify applicants in early December about their status. We will announce recipients at the Colorado Women’s Sports Fund Association Awards Banquet on January 28, 2018!

Go to our Upcoming Events page to read about the Awards Banquet.

Micha Bennett - Ice Hockey
Cassidy Berry - Volleyball
Kailey Berry - Volleyball
Taylor Couch - Fast Pitch Softball
Ivett Dominguez - Volleyball
Natalie Feist - Fast Pitch Softball
Lesley Garcia - Volleyball
Persaeus Gomez - Wrestling
Rylee Geiman - Volleyball
Shea Grogan - Rodeo
Olivia Lamb - Fast Pitch Softball
Hana Mawlawi - Fast Pitch Softball
Jessa Meganhardt - Volleyball
Kennedy Morgan - Runner
Grace Philop - Fast Pitch Softball
Savannah Rafkin - Fast Pitch Softball
Sarah Reega - Dressage
Kiley Smith - Ice Hockey
Megan Stackhouse - Soccer
Shaley Toureene - Fast Pitch Softball
Adalyn Vergara - Soccer
Stefania Villa - Volleyball